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Shane has been busy writing new songs and recording his newest album, Quiet Storm. The following videos include popular songs, 'Goddess 'and 'Voices' and fan favorite, 'Lead Me On'.  Recorded 8/20/16.




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Kings Highway by Shane Cooley

Released February 27, 2015


Sometimes the destination is only the beginning of the journey. Shane Cooley's new album, 'Kings Highway,' marks the 27 year old singer/songwriter's arrival to musical self-actualization, and promises great things on the horizon.


His first full-length release in over two years, and his seventh official release since he began touring in 2008, 'Kings Highway' is a complete soundscape produced and engineered by Bob Rupe (Sparklehorse/Cracker/The Silos) at his studio in Richmond, VA. Cooley and Rupe played most of the instruments themselves, with help from Johnny Hott (drums), Bob Wlos (pedal steel), Hayley Rupe (background vocals), and Trevor Nealon (keys). Finishing touches were added by Austin's PJ Herrington (Asleep at the Wheel), who also produced the second to last song on the album.


After seeing him at an unofficial SXSW showcase in 2013, a friend invited Shane to spend a month in his spare room in Austin, TX, where he ended up writing most of the songs on 'Kings Highway.' He then returned home to Virginia to record the album. The main focus of the album for Shane was to create a sound unique to his own, taking his folky songwriting and wrapping it in ear-catching arrangements. "I liked working with Bob (Rupe), because instead of avoiding weird, we were looking for it," said Shane. "I wanted to color outside of the lines this time."


With plans in the works to tour behind 'Kings Highway' this year, the road ahead is looking bright for Shane Cooley.



All songs written by Shane Cooley (ASCAP)



 Shane Cooley: vocals, guitars, keys, percussion

 Bob Rupe: bass, guitars, percussion, background vocals (track 1)

 PJ Herrington: guitars (tracks 7-10), lap guitar (track 5), bass (track 10),

Q-chord (track 7)

 Bob Wlos: pedal steel (track 6)

 Hayley Rupe: background vocals (tracks 1 & 6)

 Trevor Nealon: piano (tracks 2, 7, 8 & 9)

 Johnny Hott: drums (tracks 6-9)


 Produced by Bob Rupe (except for track 7 produced by Bob Rupe /PJ Herrington).

 *engineered by Bob Rupe at Plaster and Pine Studio, Richmond, VA.


 Track 10 produced and engineered by PJ Herrington in Austin, TX .

 Mixed and mastered by Bob Rupe.


 Graphic art by Rex Hamilton

 Cover photo by Eric Batiste


The Green Porch Sessions by Shane Cooley & Paulo Franco

Released December 20, 2013


The Green Porch Sessions is a collection of co-writes that Shane and Paulo wrote sitting on Paulo's green-painted porch in Richmond, as well as a couple of their solo tunes. Veering a little more in the country rock direction, these six songs all tell tales, from the love story of Paulo's parents in "Married in a Black Dress," to a man haunted by the lover he wrongfully murdered in "She Comes Calling," to a Tennessee troubadour who moved to Texas out of love for his idol, Townes Van Zandt, in "It Just Ain't Texas Without You." It also includes Shane's tune "Elizabeth City," which has become a crowd favorite.


The project began when Shane and Paulo met in 2012 at a show they both performed at in Richmond, VA. That quickly developed into a friendship and the two artists began to co-write songs together on Paulo’s porch in Woodland Heights.



Tracks 2, 3, 5 and 6 by Shane Cooley/ASCAP and Paulo Franco/BMI 2013.

Track 1 by Shane Cooley/ASCAP 2012.

Track 4 by Paulo Franco/BMI 2013.


Paulo Franco: vocals (tracks 2 & 4), guitar (all tracks).

Shane Cooley: vocals (tracks 1, 3, 5 and 6), guitar (all tracks), drums (1, 2 and 4).

Dan Sessler: guitar; Bob Rupe: bass ; Harold Yager: drums (track 3); Johnny Hott: drums (track 5).


Recorded at Plaster and Pine Studios, Richmond, VA.

Engineered and mastered by Bob Rupe.

Produced by Shane Cooley, Paulo Franco and Dan Sessler.

Cover photo by MANIC! Photography, Dani Palmer. Back photo by Paulo Franco.

Graphic Design by Gray Gurkin.


The Green Porch Sessions: copyright Paulo Franco (BMI) and Shane Cooley (ASCAP)


When It Rains, It Pours by Shane Cooley

Release date: November 17, 2012


"When It Rains, It Pours" is Shane Cooley's most visceral and haunting release. Produced by Adam Smith in his Phoenix, Arizona studio, the album is intentionally stark, leaving room for raw emotion."





Shane Cooley: vocals, guitar, piano, drums, synth, strum stick, shaker, tambourine, bells

Adam Smith: harp (Tracks 2,3,4,& 7), toms, tambourine (Track 3), synth (Track 9)


*This album contains strong language

All songs written and performed by Shane Cooley (ASCAP).

Recorded by Adam Smith at theLOFT in Phoenix, AZ.

Produced by Adam Smith and Shane Cooley.

Engineered and mixed by Adam Smith.

Mastered by Jamison Weddle at Studiocat Mastering in Phoenix, AZ.

Graphic design by Element Design.


Westland by Shane Cooley

Released February 11, 2011


Shane Cooley, who recently won 2nd place as "Best Male Artist" in the International Acoustic Music Awards, says that his new album, West Land, represents his departure from a past life. Most of the songs are about exploring new cities out West, and living on the American road. Partnered with producer Stewart Myers (Jason Mraz, Lifehouse), Cooley played most of the instruments on the album himself, including drums, guitars, piano and harmonica.


"West Land is for all intents and purposes a 70's record," said Cooley. "I have always felt like I was born in the wrong time, and have been envious of the artists that were around in that era. Music was treated with a degree of respect then, from both the artists' perspective and the audience's." Despite his reputation for being a prolific songwriter, Cooley treated the album as if it were to be on two-sided vinyl. He narrowed it down to seven songs he thought were appropriate thematically. "It's not about how many songs can I throw on a CD," Cooley explains, "These songs fit together, and are meant to be listened to that way." Cooley sites Neil Young's Harvest and Bruce Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town as two "holy grails of influences" for production and arrangements.



Copyright Shane Cooley (ASCAP) 2011.

Tracks 1-6: Produced by Stewart Myers/Shane Cooley.

Shane Cooley: vocals, guitars, drums, piano, harmonica, melotron.

Stewart Myers: bass, chamberlain, organ, timpani, synth.

Charles Arthur: pedal steel on “The Alamo,” lead guitar on “California Nights”.

Jack Cooley: drums on “Window Shopping”.

Engineered by Stewart Myers, White Star Sound, Charlottesville, VA. Mixed by Stewart Myers at Dixie Five.


Track 7: Produced by Lawrence Gelburd.

Shane Cooley: lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Anthony Melillo: lead guitar, background vocals*; Joe Melillo: bass, background vocals*; Nick Melillo: drums, background vocals*. Adam Web: background vocals. Myron Kimble: background vocals.

*The Melillo Brothers

Engineered by Joe DeLuca, Why Me Recording, NJ. Mixed by Stewart Myers at Dixie Five. Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Avatar Studios, NYC. Graphic Design by Adam Web.