Shane Cooley






"Singer-songwriter Shane Cooley's Americana-influenced songs are right out of the Head and the Heart's playbook" - Billboard Online Magazine


"Shane Cooley has made quite an impression on the Live Music Capital of the World" - Lone Star Music Magazine


"I love his voice. It makes you listen." - John Aielle, KUTX legend


"The songs that guy is writing and playing now will cut you to the heart" - Arron Brown, UtopiaFest.




"The story goes like this – KUTX Eklektikos host John Aielli himself admitted he fell in love with the music of Shane Cooley one summer when he heard his music at a local coffee shop. Aielli was captivated. “I’ve worked in radio since 1963, and over the years I’ve learned to recognize talent,” he said recently. “There was something in his sound that made me want to listen…” There’s proof positive to this testimonial with Cooley’s release of Kings Highway, an album rich in roots, Americana, a bit of rock and eclectic touches of pop."

~Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin Music Minute


Shane Cooley isn't concerned about the voices in his head.  For half of his 29 years, they have given him answers in the form of song.  He has officially released seven albums and EPs, and currently has over fifty songs that have not been recorded..and counting.  His sound, a majestic blend of mainly folk, rock and blues, has a seasoned uniqueness.  His tell-tale voice and emotionally driven live performances can give you goosebumps, both solo and with his band.  The poetry in his lyrics, however, are what give him his high caliber.


His seventh and latest release, Kings Highway, was produced by Bob Rupe (Sparklehorse,Cracker), and received critical acclaim from Austin Chronicle writer Jim Caligiuri, hailing him as a "substantial songsmith."  The album also received airplay from radio stations in the U.S. and Europe, including NPR station KUTX in Austin.  His work has been recognized by songwriting contests such as the International Acoustic Music Awards and Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.  His songs have also been placed on television shows including NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura," and IBC's "The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman."  He also composed the music for the Amazon/Onion Creek Productions' book preview for "Tough Love," by New York Times Bestseller Lori Foster.


Shane wrote his first song when he was ten years old, in a rural part of Virginia known as the Northern Neck.  He played his first show at age thirteen.  After graduating with an English degree from the The College of William and Mary in 2010, he took to the road, booking his own tours throughout the U.S. and a European tour in 2012.  He has spent the past few years in Austin, TX, where he has been honing his skills and marinating his sound in one of the world's most active music scenes.  Over the years, Shane's prolific songwriting has become an impressive catalog, and he has been known played four-hour shows of his own original music.






2017 is a milestone year for SXSW in a different sense: After a decade of competitive corporate-sponsored expansion, the Austin festival is finally scaling back a touch this year. And that's hardly a bad thing: SXSW was originally about spotlighting up-and-coming talent, so cutting back on secret concerts from A-listers and showcases sponsored by brand-name products could help SXSW regain some of its cool cache.


7:33 p.m. -- Singer-songwriter Shane Cooley's Americana-influenced songs are right out of the Head and the Heart's playbook, which means -- like that Pacific Northwest band -- he's one hit away from radio stardom. On the back porch of the Rainey Street venue Icenhauers, he proved he may in fact have that song in him, playing through tunes from his most recent release, King's Highway, with a hungry confidence that may prove his hip-shaking ways will soon be making their way to bigger stages. -- JM


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The Lone Star Music and KOKE FM “Dillo Mixer” at Threadgill’s (301 West Riverside Drive).

3/17/17: Shane Cooley & the Midnight Girls (5:10 – 5:40 p.m.)

Originally from rural Virginia, singer-songwriter Shane Cooley has made quite an impression on the Live Music Capital of the World since moving to Austin a few short years ago. No less an authority on the local scene than John Aielle, host of KUTX’s “Eklektikos,” has been one of his biggest fans ever since he first heard Cooley in a coffee shop, enthusing “I love his voice. It makes you listen.” There’s been no shortage of additional rave reviews since then, especially since the release of Cooley’s seventh album, 2015’s exquisite Kings Highway. The Austin Chronicle deemed him “a substantial songsmith,” which is if anything an understatement, and he’s no slouch of an invigorating live performer, to boot — especially armed with a full band.




It’s one of those defining moments in radio – more specifically, Austin radio, when a broadcasting legend declares love for your voice and follows that with, “It makes you listen.” KUTX’s very own John Aielli said this about Austin-based songwriter Shane Cooley. You’ll hear that unique cadence working its magic on the folk/rock/pop story-weaving of Kings Highway.


Cooley has recently been putting the final touches on a new acoustic album, Quiet Storms, set for release this year. Some of it was recorded on a three mile island just off the coast of Belize, and includes tracks accumulated from more than ten years’ worth of songwriting.


Check out Shane Cooley & The Midnight Girls at their show tonight at Hole In the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe. It’s a big bill that features Acoustic Kids, the debut performance of StarMind Ceremony, Steel Betty, Billy Broome and The Caldwells.


-From KUTX 98.9 FM website






"Singer-songwriter Shane Cooley's Americana-influenced songs are right out of the Head and the Heart's playbook, which means -- like that Pacific Northwest band -- he's one hit away from radio stardom."

~ JM, Billboard Magazine, March 2017



"I love his voice. It makes you listen."

~ John Aielle, KUTX 98.9 FM and Austin legend, 'Live with John Aielle on KUTX' with Arron Brown



"The songs that guy is writing and playing now will cut you to the heart"

~ Arron Brown, UtopiaFest, 'Live with John Aielle on KUTX' with Arron Brown



"Through the wee hours, wooks and bullfrogs, drunks, drinks, and intoxicants. This Guy played like a trooper under the stars by the pond until the sun came up. The hero of the night, Shane Cooley."

~Sesret Steve, Team Goodtimes, from Shane's 4am solo set at Utopiafest



"The 28-year-old local's seventh album proves he's a substantial songsmith."

~Jim Caligiur, Austin Chronicle



"his best work yet"

~Rob Hedelt, The Free Lance-Star



" in roots, Americana, a bit of rock and touches of pop..recommended."

~Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin



" absolute triumph."

~Mike Hotzclaw, The Daily Press, on Shane's new album, 'Kings Highway'



"I've worked in radio since 1963, and over the years I've learned to recognize talent. I heard Shane Cooley at a coffeehouse, outside in the Austin summer. There was something in his sound that made me want to listen. The more I did, the better I liked him. He's also got the drive that I think, combined with his singing, playing, and songwriting talents, makes him someone to pay attention to."

 ~John Aielli, Host of "Eklektikos

KUTX NPR Radio, Austin, TX



"Shane Cooley, the man with a smooth name and a sound to match, brought something special to the stage at Ebenezers Coffeehouse in Washington D.C. Singer, songwriter, and veritable one-man band, Cooley wears many hats."

~Michael Cohen, Magazine 33



"Shane Cooley is a man who has visions. This EP is a crystal ball: "San Diego, you've still got something to say." "California, can't you be just a little bit kinder." And check out these lines 21st Century: My heart isn't broken, it's frozen/In a century where I don't belong/Where spirited men are broken in/To a world that looks safe, but it's not." Damn. Prepare to gaze deeply into the crystal ball known as West Land. Nothing moves Shane Cooley like writing a song."

 ~Sammy, New Music Ten Blog



"With his harmonica blowing, feet stomping and guitar shredding, Shane Cooley lit the night up and gave the audience all that we could ask for - short of setting his guitar on fire. I was blown away by his epic performance. His standing on a chair with the crowd rocking and his fist held high embodied, for me, the spirit of folk music."

 ~Michael Cohen, Magazine 33



"As Cooley explains most of your favorite artists are not born of natural talent. It takes drive, dedication and precision to develop the clarity in the voice pitch and sharpness in the tone. Clearly his heartfelt drive and his passionate love for music have nourished Cooley into the accomplished and talented young musician he is today."

 ~Jay Espy, Yahoo Associated Content



"In a world full of dog eat dog ladder climbing, Shane Cooley is a bright and positive influence. He's been writing songs since he was 13 years old and has applied much study as to what works and what is real in his life and ultimately, his music."

 ~John Pfeiffer, Aquarian Magazine, Shoreworld



"The busy student-musician also found time to perform at the 2010 South By Southwest Music and Film Interactive (SXSW), a well-known music festival held annually in Austin, Texas. He earned his spot there through the USA Songwriting Contest. Cooley explained that performing at SXSW was "a blast," and that he met a lot of musicians and got to spend time with some of his favorite bands."

 ~Hayley Soohoo, W&M Alumni Magazine



"West Land showcases Shane Cooley's dedication to the art of the song as much as it reflects his life on the road in America."

 ~Danny McCloskey, Alternate Root Magazine



'The Green Porch Sessions'

Shane Cooley & Paulo Franco

Songs co-written by Shane Cooley and Paulo Franco

Produced by Shane Cooley, Paulo Franco and Dan Sessler


'When It Rains, It Pours'

Shane Cooley

Songs written by Shane Cooley

Produced by Adam Smith and

Shane Cooley



Shane Cooley

Songs written by Shane Cooley

Produced by Stewart Myers (Jason

 Mraz, Lifehouse) and Shane Cooley




Retro Folk Rock

Solo or Band



Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan



'King of Love'


Digital single. iTunes


'Window Shopping for a Long Lost Lover'

 2010, Christmas single. iTunes


'Last Love'

Digital single. iTunes



STUDIO ALBUMS (2006-present)

Distribution: Bandcamp, CD Baby, Waterloo Records, iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Plan 9 Music Stores, Birdland Music and live shows.



'Kings Highway'

Shane Cooley

Songs by Shane Cooley

Produced by Bob Rupe (VA) and

PJ Herrington (TX)











Shane has played many venues and festivals in the Austin area. Venues include Botticelli's South Congress, Baker Street Pub, Homespun, Shiner's Saloon, Uncle Billy's, Freddies Place, Brass House, Opa Coffee and Wine Bar.




Shane plays year-round in Austin to include several residencies. On visits back home to Virginia, he performs in the Richmond/Williamsburg area. Shane loves to get on the road and when his schedule allows, he sets up various tours.


2017 TOURS

12/15 - Willaby's on the Rappahannock, White Stone, VA

9/25 - 12/8 - Various Venues, Austin, TX

9/22-24 - Utopiafest, Utopia, TX


BLACK MOON TOUR with Chris Webb (Total Eclipse)

8/25 -  Tin Whistle Irish Pub, Charlottesville, VA

8/24 - Willaby's on the Rappahannock, White Stone, VA

8/22 - Hardywood Brewery, Richmond, VA

8/18 -, Ashville, NC

8/17 - Cat's Cardle, Carborro, NC

8/14 - Gasa Gasa, New Orleans, LA


5/6 - 8/13 - Various Venues, Austin, TX


4/8 - House Concert, Dallas, TX

4/9 - Kiva, San Marcos, TX

4/11 - El Cosmico, Marfa, TX

4-12 - Kings X, El Paso

4/13 - Monterey Court Studio Galleries and Cafe - Tucson, AZ

4/13 - Sky Bar Tucson - Tucson, AZ

4/14 - The Lost Leaf - Phoenix, AZ

4/15 - State Bar - Cottonwood, AZ

4/16 - Hops on Birch - Flagstaff, AZ

4/17 - State Bar - Flagstaff, AZ

4/18 - The Sand Dollar LV - Las Vegas, NV

4/19 - The Range - Slab City, CA

4/21 - City Pub - San Diego, CA

4/22 - The Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA

4/23 - Milk Bar - San Francisco, CA

4/24 - Mt. Shasta Brewing - Weed, CA

4/25 - Oberon's - Ashland, OR

4/26 - LaurelThirst Public House - Portland, OR

4/27 - Terminal Gravity Brewery and Pub - Enterprise, OR

4/28 - The Range Rider - Enterprise, OR

4/30 - Owsley's Golden Road - Boulder, CO

5/1 - Sanchos Broken Arrow - Denver, CO

5/2 - Hoots Pub, Amarillo, TX

5/3 - The Barley House, Dallas, TX

5/4 - Mohawk Austin - Austin, TX

5/5 - Ernie's on the Lake - Austin, TX


3/13 - 3/19 - SXSW Festivals

1/1 - 3/12 - Various Venues, Austin, TX


2016 TOURS

•April, August, November, December: special performances in VA & MD


2015 TOURS

•August: Austin to New York Tour with The Kings Highway - TX, LA, AR, NC, VA, MD, PA, NY


2014 TOURS

•January - March: Austin Venues

•March 27 - April 9: Southern Tour with Joanna Barbera - TX, TN, AL, MS, LA

•April: Austin Venues

•May 3: Capital Ale House, Richmond, VA

•May-December 31: Austin Venues include Lamberts, Spider House Ballroom, Blackheart, KUTX/Cactus Café, Listening Room at Winflo, Live Vibe Collective Showcases


2013 TOURS

•January-April: Arizona Venues - Phoenix, Sedona, Cottonwood, Scottsdale

•February 16: People of the Way Music Fest w/Adam Smith (FULL BAND show)  - Phoenix. AZ

•February 23-March 2: Sedona International Film Festival - Sedona, AZ

•March 8: Scottsdale Arts Festival (FULL BAND show) - Scottsdale, AZ

•March 10-17: SXSW (various venues)

•April 5: Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival - Norfolk, VA

•April 19-20: Private Event - Cape May, NJ

•April-May: Various Venues - Phoenix, AZ

•June-July: Various Venues - Austin, TX

•July 17-August 24: 'Summer Tour 2013' - LA, GA, VA, MA, & PA

•August 1-2: The Jetties - Nantucket, MA (3rd year)

•August 24: Presented Workshop on "Getting the Gig /Touring" for Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music - Virginia Beach, VA

•August-September: Writing songs and in the studio recording 'The Green Porch Sessions'

•September-December: Various Venues - Austin, TX

•December 20: CD Release Party for "The Green Porch Sessions" w/Paulo Franco (FULL BAND show), Capital Ale House - Richmond, VA


2012 TOURS

•January: 30A Songwriters Festival - South Walton, FL

•February-March: 'West Tour' with Adam Smith - Arizona, California, Texas

•April 2: 100th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington, DC

•April 5-8: 'Tidewater Tour' with Adam Smith & Adam Web - Virginia

•April 17-23: Nashville with Andrew Dack - Tennessee

•May 3-20: 'The Night Is Young European Tour' with Curtis Prince - Germany, Netherlands, UK

•June: 'North Carolina Tour'

•July 1: 100th Anniversary Lilian Lumber Festival - Virginia

•July 5: CBGB Music Festival - New York City

•August: 'Heart on a Suitcase Tour' - Virginia to Maine

•September: 'Cross-Atlantic Songs' with Adrian H.Z. Kunzmann (from Germany) - Virginia

•October 25: Hard Rock Cafe with Adam Smith (Adam's CD Release) - Phoenix, AZ

•November 2 Urbanna Oyster Festival - Virginia

•November 17: Arts on the Main (CD Release/"When It Rains, It Pours") - Virginia

•December 6: The Camel - Richmond, VA

•December 29: Good Luck Cellars 2012 Celebration - Kilmarnock, VA